Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tip of the Day: Detouring Around Writer's Block

I knew this tip already, and you probably did too, but yesterday I wasted too much time websurfing and waiting for inspiration while not wanting to remember it. If stuck at a sentence near the beginning, just mark it as pending and move on. The next sentence is too hard, too? Repeat and move on. Eventually a sentence is reached that is so trivial and basic that it's doable. That seems to loosen the block. What's more, when I go back to the pending sentence(s) after finishing the text, they are much easier to wrestle with after I have been immersed in the text and the subject.

Writers know this, too. One writers' version of the tip is "Start with the second paragraph [or the second chapter]."


At November 10, 2007 11:42 a.m., Anonymous Yuzhi said...

Know what you mean, sometimes it's just very hard to get started, but once you did, you get some momentum and it's easy to keep going.

Linked to your blog from mine, want to do a link swap?


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